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A Comprehensive High School-Based Suicide Awareness Program

"Thanks so much for introducing RESPONSE to me and my faculty!  All I had for resources before was our health book, and it didn't have much. The kids responded so well to it and had a lot of positive feedback. It also helped a few kids who were struggling with thoughts of suicide. I look forward to teaching it again next year." 

-Regina Ritchey (Health Teacher, Hidden Valley High School)

Teachers and students are not the only ones who value RESPONSE, ColumbiaCare's comprehensive high-school based youth suicide prevention program listed on the SPRC/AFSP Best Practices Registry for Suicide Prevention (BPR).

The American Association of Suicidology's Video Review Committee had this to say,

"The content emphasizes help-seeking skills; it does not glamorize suicide or suicidal behaviors.  Its prevention messages are clear and well presented and the reviewers found the video to be compelling. One reviewer commented, "The hero was the helper, not the suicidal person." Of particular note was the way in which the young "hero" had to use his intervention skills with the mother of a suicidal friend.  The committee was enthusiastic in its praise for "Never Enough."

RESPONSE is a comprehensive high school-based suicide prevention program designed to increase awareness, heighten sensitivity to depression and suicidal ideation, change attitudes, and offer response procedures to refer a student at risk for suicide.

The program is delivered as a school kit, which includes an Implementation Manual with step-by-step instructions for busy administrators; a Student Component with four 50-minute lesson plans; and an In-Service Manual with complete instructions on delivering a 2-hour staff training. The Student Component and In-Service Manual come with PowerPoint presentations and suicide prevention videos (DVD's).

Unlike other school-based programs, the DVD's for all of the components, produced in association with award-winning OutReach Arts, dovetail to encourage continuity of helping behavior among students, staff and parents.

Click on the link below to preview “Never Enough” DVD available in the Student Component

Click on the link below to preview “Never Enough: In-Service Component” DVD

For more information on the differences of RESPONSE and other programs, as well as detailed evaluation results, please read the RESPONSE Overview or call Jill Hollingsworth at 541.607.7322.

To download the complete Overview, just click on the RESPONSE Overview on the button on the left navigational bar and then on the pdf link.

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