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ColumbiaCare's has extensive history and experience delivering high-quality, innovative residential programs and affiliated behavioral health services throughout Oregon and Idaho.  For many years we have had the privilege of contracting and coordinating with multiple agencies in various locations to establish service linkages and advocate for the treatment needs of clients. The personal success stories of our clients and the positive impact our programs reflects our ability to meet the needs of of individuals, agencies, and communities.  Please find our Residential Service Program Matrix (pdf) below.
Credentials & Certifications
  • ColumbiaCare was chosen as one of Oregon Business 100 Best Companies for 2010.
  • ColumbiaCare is licensed to operate Residential Treatment Homes and Facilities for Adults with Mental Illnesses in 6 Oregon counties (Clackamas, Coos, Curry, Morrow, Multnomah, Wasco)-State of Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Division.
  • ColumbiaCare has a Certificate of Approval to provide Adult Mental Health Outpatient Services in 5 Oregon counties (Clackamas, Coos, Curry, Wasco, Multnomah)-State of Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Division.
  • ColumbiaCare has developed and is operating the first Supportive Housing program and respite bed for the State of Idaho Mental Health Services, Region V.
  • ColumbiaCare is an approved Community Rehabilitation Provider of high Fidelity Supported Employment Services statewide- State of Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and State of Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Division.
  • ColumbiaCare is licensed to provide Secure Transportation Services-State of Oregon.
  • ColumbiaCare has developed a Center for Suicide Prevention which offers consultation, training and curricula development services with the goal of creating suicide-safer communities. ColumbiaCare sponsors ASIST and RESPONSE programs.
  • ColumbiaCare has under its employ 2 certified Oregon Intervention Services Trainers-Oregon Intervention System
  • ColumbiaCare is a founding member of the Oregon Residential Provider Association, working in partnership with other residential treatment providers to ensure that community-based treatment stays an integral part of the Oregon Mental Health System of Care and that these services are delivered with quality and promote recovery and independence for each individual under our care.  For more information, please visit
  • ColumbiaCare is a proud member and sponsor of NAMI in every community we provide services. Sheryl Peterson, ColumbiaCare Health Services Director serves on the Oregon NAMI Board, and ColumbiaCare employees participate in NAMI fundraising activities whenever possible.  For more information about NAMI, please visit
  • ColumbiaCare is a one third partner (along with ACCESS and Addictions Recovery Center) in the newly formed Blue Sky LLC.  The Blue Sky partnership was formed to bring together a continuum of care that would be available specifically to Veterans and includes short-term mental health crisis resolution/respite with on- site alcohol and drug detoxification for adults, short stay residential substance abuse treatment, transitional housing and permanent affordable housing for persons with disabilities and seniors.

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