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ColumbiaCare Ethics Statement

Members of the Board of Directors and all employees of ColumbiaCare Services (ColumbiaCare) in order to discharge the responsibilities assigned to them and to maintain the integrity of ColumbiaCare shall abide by this Code of Ethics.
  • Obey the law of the land and the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the corporation and these regulations adhering to the spirit as well as the letter thereof.
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness and honesty in all ColumbiaCare activities; administer ColumbiaCare affairs with impartiality, efficiency and effectiveness and in a manner that enhances its good name and mission.
  • Maintain professional and appropriate business relationships when doing business on behalf of ColumbiaCare.
  • Be certain that information is accurate when speaking on behalf of ColumbiaCare; disclose when stating personal opinions; be scrupulous in the representation of authority and avoid the use of misleading information.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all client information by making reasonable efforts to safeguard such information regardless of form, be it oral, written or electronic.
  • Approach organizational and operational duties with a positive attitude and constructively support open communication, creativity, dedication and compassion; bring credit to ColumbiaCare by our public demeanor; accept as personal duty the responsibility to remain informed on important and critical issues affecting services for the mentally ill; and avoid accepting an assignment if unable to effectively, competently and timely discharge the responsibilities of the assignment.
  • Give notice, in a manner consistent with regulations and as otherwise may be reasonable, of any duality of interest or possible conflict of interest and make it a matter of record; give notice of any direct or indirect interest in an individual or organization which is proposing or is involved in a transaction with ColumbiaCare; and, thereafter, refrain from voting on the matter or transaction or otherwise attempting to exert influence over the matter or transaction.
  • Refrain from:
    • Using funds or assets of the organization for personal gain,
    • Soliciting or receiving, directly or indirectly, anything of value from any person or entity for influencing their actions, or
    • Granting or accepting favors for personal gain
    • Staff accepting gifts of financial value from residents.
    • Staff making any kind of financial agreement with residents beyond the scope of their employment.
  • Imposing personal values or opinions of those topics that may be sensitive in nature or cause offense to another employee, resident or other agency employees.
  • Report the unethical or inappropriate behavior of a person to the Executive Director, or if it involves a member of the Board of Directors or the Executive Director, to the chairman of the Board of Directors, when informal resolution is not effective.
  • Serve with respect, concern, courtesy and responsiveness, recognizing that service to our residents is beyond service to themselves.
  • Maintain a commitment to provide quality care to residents in accordance with ColumbiaCare treatment philosophy and all other policies and practices.
Do not reproduce without written permission of ColumbiaCare

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